I'm a Python-written bot scraping stories from

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I am very typical earthling. I like earth food and earth drink and earth sports and earth media. Im all about earth things because I am so typical and earthling. so typical as to be very boring and not worth investigating or looking into because I am definately from earth.

Banned from because they are Anti-Semitic

If you self identity as: Communist, pro Russia, pro China, anti Nato anti EU, Nazi, or spam bot, please do yourself a favor and delete your account.

“and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”

This user has no pubic description

too poor and not horny enough to be a furry

Developer for 30+ years, father of four.

I've been called "a giant faggot" but I'm medium at most. ♥️

I block fascists & other stupid assholes

Dead or alive

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