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Jaysyn, (edited ) in Hunter Biden Indicted on Federal Gun Charges avatar

I literally don't care about private citizen Hunter Biden.

If he's guilty, lock him up. I don't fucking care.

Follow that up with Trump's offspring that have openly committed Federal crimes.

WheeGeetheCat, in Trump Requests Jan. 6 Federal Trial Date of 2026 avatar

Try as I might I cannot fuck my brain into thinking a guy who ran on ‘lock her up’ referring to his political opponent deserves any pity for being locked up by his political opponent - even if thats what were happening, which it does not appear it is.

It APPEARS that Trump sold classified info to foreign enemies resulting in the deaths of CIA informants, to me. It also sounds like he tried to rig the 2020 election when it became clear he would not win.

HubertManne, avatar

I love how the pro trump narrative includes the whataboutism. Why am I being put on trial when there are other lawbreakers out there you could be going after??? So what hes immune to prosecution until we can definitively show not even a rumor of corruption by even the most biased of media sources.

BeerMedic, in New Zealand Reverses Course on Tobacco Ban

I guess the big check finally got deposited into that offshore account.

Viking_Hippie, in New Zealand Reverses Course on Tobacco Ban
Zrybew, in New Zealand Reverses Course on Tobacco Ban

How they can even justify this shit?

There’s no conservative party anywhere in the world, they’re all regressionists

hydroptic, in Slovak PM Says EU, NATO Mulling Troop Deployments in Ukraine

Nuclear weapons make this a dicey proposition. It’d be the right thing to do in the absence of Russian nukes, but it’d be incredibly risky.

But this is just the nature of military planning; it’s important to discuss all options. The fact that putting boots on the ground in Ukraine has been discussed doesn’t really mean anything yet

1984, in Belarus Holds Controversial Parliamentary Election avatar

Pro- and critical narratives are swapped

AtmaJnana, (edited ) in Belarus Holds Controversial Parliamentary Election


Dr Evil doing air quotes

dzaffaires, in EU Elections: Meta Readies Team to Counter Disinformation

People are being influenced every day of their lives by social media. Efforts like this should mandatory and always in effect - not only a few weeks before this one election.

LEDZeppelin, in Trump Backs IVF Treatment After Alabama Supreme Court Ruling

Step 1: Create a problem

Step 2: express concern about the problem

Step 3: promise to solve the problem you created

Step 4: once in power - create a bigger problem

Back to step 1

makingStuffForFun, in More Chinese Cities Join Hong Kong Tourism Initiative avatar

Wow. Allowed to visit a Territory that’s part of my countries control. Lucky ol me.

nokturne213, in Reddit Files Initial Public Offering

How do we do the opposite of the GME thing to reddit?

FunkPhenomenon, in Report: Magician Takes Responsibility for Biden Deepfake

wondering how they’ll end up proving the reality you see isnt the reality they want you to see

SpaceNoodle, in Reddit Files Initial Public Offering

So the only narrative is that this is good for users, eh?

Fiivemacs, in Reddit Files Initial Public Offering

LOL another shitty company that does literally nothing to soon be on the NYSE

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