WaPo: US, Middle East Allies Working on Israel-Palestine Peace Plan (

The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that the US and its Arab allies are working on an Israeli-Palestinian peace plan that possibly includes rebuilding Gaza, withdrawing settler communities from the West Bank, uniting the two territories under one administration, and a timeline for establishing a Palestinian state with East...

Yemen: UN Warns Of 'Dangerous Escalatory Cycle' (

The UN Special Representative for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, called for immediate action in the UN Security Council on Wednesday to end the "dangerous escalatory cycle" in the Red Sea region urging all relevant actors to resume the peace process in war-torn Yemen. Al Jazeera (LR: 2 CP: 1)...

Ride App Drivers in US, UK Hold Valentine's Day Strike (

US and UK Rideshare and delivery app drivers went on strike on Valentine’s Day, demanding higher wages and improved conditions. Uber and Lyft drivers announced labour stoppages in several US cities, as did UK delivery drivers for Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Stuart. Associated Press (LR: 3 CP: 5)...

Study: Arctic Polar Bears at Risk of Starvation (

According to a study published in the journal Nature Communications on Tuesday, polar bears in the western Hudson Bay region of Canada's Manitoba are at risk of starvation in longer ice-free seasons in the Arctic, despite their willingness to adapt their diet. Guardian (LR: 2 CP: 5)...

Microsoft Says Russia, China Use OpenAI for Hacking (

OpenAI and Microsoft have reported that China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are using OpenAI's artificial intelligence (AI) products to conduct unsophisticated but efficient hacking activities like writing emails, translating documents, and debugging computer code. New York Times (LR: 2 CP: 5)...

Report: US Asked Allies to Spy on Trump Campaign (

US intelligence sources have reportedly told journalists that agencies, including the CIA, during the Obama administration asked other members of the "Five Eyes" intelligence alliance — the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand — to contact and manipulate Trump campaign advisors as early as 2015. Substack...

Rafah Offensive: South Africa Makes 'Urgent Request' to ICJ (

South Africa said Monday it filed an "urgent request" with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to consider additional emergency measures to protect the local population in Rafah amid the planned expansion of Israel's military offensive in the southern Gazan city. Al Jazeera (LR: 2 CP: 1)...

Pakistan: Coalition Government Selects Shehbaz Sharif as PM (

The Pakistani political parties that received the second and third most votes in the recent national election have agreed to form a coalition to elect the next prime minister. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) won 75 out of 266 [directly elected] seats, with Bilawal Bhutto Zardari's Pakistan...

Cairo: Hamas Arrives, Netanyahu Rejects Sending Officials Back (

A day after Israeli officials were in Egypt for negotiations regarding another hostage release deal and an extended pause in fighting in the Gaza Strip, a Hamas official said that a delegation from the group was expected in Cairo on Wednesday for discussions with Egyptian and Qatari mediators. Al Arabiya...

Venezuela Detains Activist Over Alleged Plot to Kill Maduro (

Venezuela confirmed on Sunday that the prominent human rights activist Rocío San Miguel was arrested Friday at an airport in Caracas over allegations that she was part of a conspiracy to kill Pres. Nicolás Maduro and other officials, as well as to attack the armed forces. Associated Press (LR: 3 CP: 5)...

House GOP Seeks Biden-Hur Interview Transcripts (

GOP leaders from three House committees have asked Attorney General Merrick Garland to submit transcripts and recordings of Pres. Joe Biden's interviews with special counsel Robert Hur, who documented the former's handling of classified documents during his vice presidency. CBS (LR: 2 CP: 5)...

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