Why Freedom Conservatism Matters (

LR: 5 CP: 3 - On July 13, a group of journalists, policy wonks, and political activists opened a new front in the war for American conservatism. One-hundred-twenty-two signatories, led by Avik Roy of the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity and John Hood of the John William Pope Foundation, affirmed 10 principles that...

Sinking Billions: Revolving Doors (

LR: 3 CP: 1 - In the second part of her coverage of the Australian Defence Department’s new Frigates project, Michelle Fahy says it is a jobs merry-go-round for former military officers, bureaucrats and weapons makers. By Michelle Fahy Declassified Australia Integrity concerns with Australia’s $46 bill

Tech Giants Make ‘Voluntary’ Pledge To Develop Responsible AI—Including OpenAI And Google—White House Says (

LR: 3 CP: 5 - The companies have committed to share more information, boost transparency and develop tools to flag AI-generated content, though it’s not clear how compliance to the voluntary code will be enforced.

FTC levies W41b price-fixing fine on Korean vaccine makers (

LR: 3 CP: 3 - South Korea's antitrust regulator on Thursday announced it has decided to assess 40.9 billion won ($32.3 million) of fines for 32 pharmaceutical firms and wholesalers for colluding to secure orders for the government’s vaccine procurement bids. The 32 companies included global pharmaceutical firm GSK, GC...

Young People Should Oppose the Kids Online Safety Act (

LR: 3 CP: 1 - Next week, Congress plans to move a bill forward that is opposed by dozens of organizations, digital rights protectors, LGBTQ+ activists, and human rights defenders: the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA). As we’ve written before, KOSA would lead to censorship and privacy invasions for all social media...

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